Saturday, 4 February 2012

Classy And Waterproof

I'm not a fan of coats, because I think they cover up most of the outfit you're wearing. Of course, you can try to find a coat that matches most of your outfits, but I can never find the perfect one. That was until I saw the Burberry trench coats, they look amazing and classy! You can find them in all sorts of models, long or short, creme or color, with studs or belts. I going to have to save a for while to buy one, but it's worth the waiting, right?



  1. I agree about coats, I struggle to find one that accentuates my waist instead of bulking my petite frame down! Still on that hunt for the perfect one!

    Karys x

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  6. love Burberry! such a classic